Each and every one of your customers has a valuable opinion about your brand…

Are you set up to hear it?

With ListenRT capture the voice of your customer on any device, in any language, at every touchpoint. As experts at highly personalised transactional surveys, we give customers the power to express opinions in quick and efficient formats, resulting in survey response rates that can reach up to 48%. We also enable additional listening via advanced text analytics, sentiment analysis and social media monitoring so you can build a complete view of the customer experience across the organisation.

Feedback Collection Experts

By offering an extensive range of collection methods, we give you the power to select the most convenient and suitable approach for your customers. ResponseTek’s collection methods include:

  • Email and SMS surveys
  • Online, web surveys
  • Social media listening
  • Mobile surveys via QR codes or near field communication (NFC)
  • IVR, CATI and more

Every Channel, Every Touchpoint

It doesn’t matter if you are launching your first customer experience initiative, or are seeking to expand into an enterprise-wide, omni-channel VoC program, our platform works across all channels (contact centres, online/web, retail/branch, field services, and social media) and all stages of your customer life cycle. With the Listening Platform, you can begin with a simple solution, attain business results and ROI, and then evolve it as your CEM program matures.

Industry-Leading Response Rates

It’s a fact: personalised surveys get the highest response rates. Show customers that your company knows who they are and how they’ve been interacting with your brand. How? ResponseTek’s survey software integrates with your existing CRM, ERP, billing and POS systems and pulls customer information into invitations and question logic. Surveys feature details like names, products, transaction dates and locations, helping customers recollect their individual interaction. This encourages them to respond right away because questions are related to personal experiences, and more importantly, show that your company cares.

Any Language, Any Country

Many of our clients operate across countries and regions where multiple languages are spoken. That’s why our platform is tightly integrated into global SMS gateways, and our feedback collection and reporting can be delivered in any language (we’re currently up to 30 and counting). If you need to run a multicultural or multi-country Voice of Customer program, you can trust our platform to deliver a seamless rollout.

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