Tangible. Measurable.
ROI you can rely on.

Every customer has untapped latent value
if you understand their perspective.
Turn their potential into profit.

ROI: to save, to grow, to add

Global 100 Insurer

Identified $11m at-risk revenue
90,000 callbacks complete in 12 months
20% survey response rate
35pt increase in NPS

Global 50 Bank

8% increase in loan conversions
15% increase in CX scores
82% CSAT score

Global Telco

80,500 at-risk companies identified
35% improvement in ‘likelihood to renew’
17,000 at-risk customers saved
$10.1m in revenue retained

Regional Telco

69% average increase in satisfaction
5% reduction in churn
20% more likely to extend contract

ReponseTek helps you automatically save unhappy customers, generate revenue from passive customers and use promoters to acquire new customers.

Save: Turnaround Detractors. Address and retain unhappy customers. Focus on resolving issues, reducing customer effort and increasing satisfaction. Prevent churn and protect revenue.

Grow: Turn Passives into Actives. Encourage future promoters by improving the experience and incentivising. Grow share of wallet and increase revenue.

Add: Optimise Promoters. Provide opportunities for promoters to be your marketing machine through advocacy and referrals. Grow customer base, build brand fanatics and increase revenue at speed.

ResponseTek Customer Experience Management has one aim; to help your brand be the customer’s #1 choice.

ResponseTek guarantees an uplift in your NPS in the first 12 months.

ResponseTek has an annual CSAT rate of 95%.

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