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CX Intelligence = Intelligent CX

Our CX Intelligence model helps you obtain insight quickly, easily and in a way that is immediately consumable within your business from the front line to the C-Suite. It is right-sized to fit your needs. Technology balanced with the right amount of self-service to put you in control and the right amount of tailored insight and support services to guide you as and when you need it.

Cloud based and configurable to all your business needs, we deliver a world class Voice of Customer program at scale with 4 core modules: Listen Learn Act & Engage.


Collect customer feedback

We collect and aggregate customer experience, demographic, journey and behaviour data to monitor and improve your customer experience in real time.

On their terms: we capture the voice of your customer on any device, in any language, at every touchpoint. Quick and efficient: as experts in highly personalised transactional surveys, we give customers the power to express opinions in quick and efficient formats, resulting in survey response rates that can reach up to 48%.

We also enable additional listening via advanced text analytics, sentiment analysis and social media so you can build a complete view of the customer experience across your organisation.

Understanding not just what they think, but how they feel.


Reporting and insight

We provide real time analytics and insights to help optimise experiences, services and processes across the whole customer journey. Make data driven decisions across your entire organisation.

Identify where brand loyalty is gained or lost with powerful analysis and reporting tools, transforming feedback into insights. Explore reports, dashboards and scorecards, and put customer feedback at the centre of your business.

Access trends and macro reports at the line of business or division level, or drill right down to the customer or employee level to review individual feedback. No matter what you want to discover, you’ll have real-time knowledge at your fingertips


Business transformation to drive ROI

We enable a two-way exchange with customers to save and retain at-risk customers in real time. Empower your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our model delivers performance management tools to understand how their services impact delivery of the brand promise, and integrated action management to help them consistently exceed customer expectations.

With direct access to feedback and insights from customers, the frontline becomes more engaged, and team leads gain immediate opportunities for training and coaching based on the Voice of the Customer.


Customer engagement

We enable you to develop long-term meaningful relationships with your customers. Create a continuous two-way dialogue with your customers.

From closing the loop to remedy poor customer experiences to reaching out to learn about positive ones. Triggered alerts and actions ensure no customer follow-up is forgotten or missed.

Our highly personalized approach enables more effective targeting for your promotions and offers. We can help you save the at-risk and reward the loyal. We can even help you turn your happy and loyal customers into your brand advocates through relevant and resonant referral offers.


Best practice CEM

No risk. Just reward.

We know that putting your customer experience program in the hands of someone new is a big risk. With the loyalty of your customers, particularly your brand fans at stake, it’s a big decision.

What if there was a way for you to implement a best practice Voice of the Customer program in one week? Without all the usual risks associated with taking on such an endeavor.

No worry about cost, no worry about how quickly it can demonstrate value. No worry about ease of integration. And no being tied into a long-term obligation without knowing what you’re getting.

Well now you can. With SpringBoard you can implement our Best Practice End-to-End Program and be up and running in 7 days. It comes with your very own personal success manager and ongoing user and system support. Free for 30 days, there is no obligation but has a risk-free option to continue.

With SpringBoard for Contact Centre and SpringBoard for Digital we can help you get up and running with best practice CEM well before your competitors.

*SpringBoard for Retail is coming soon.

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