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Create a two-way dialogue with EngageRT and close the loop with customers to remedy a poor experience or learn about a positive one. Triggered alerts and actions ensure no customer follow-up will be forgotten or missed. This highly personalised approach enables targeted marketing promotions and offers to reward your loyal customer or save ones who are at-risk.

Automatically Acknowledge Customer Feedback

How do you let customers know that you are listening? Give them contextual acknowledgement to drive the conversation. Whenever and however they are providing feedback, The Listening Platform can automatically respond to them in formats that are both personalised and in-context. For example, if a customer scores service as poor or posts a comment containing negative sentiment, you can reach out to them with an automatic apology and an opt-in request to see if they would like to be contacted by an employee for a follow up call.

Closing the Feedback Loop with Customers

Each business faces unique challenges in delivering good customer experiences. The Listening Platform allows you to set thresholds and business rules that automatically identify scenarios that need immediate follow-ups, such as when you have at-risk customers. Robust workflows, action tracking and push notifications ensure that your organisation is aligned to resolve these situations. And ultimately, we help close the loop by providing the customer with a post-interaction follow-up survey to measure how effective the resolution has been.

Targeted Messages and Promotions

With the platform, create targeted messages and promotions by combining insight from customer feedback, historic purchase behaviours and customer segmentation. This allows you to drive important marketing messages catered to the customer’s communication preferences and satisfaction levels, letting you surprise and delight them in a way that only truly customer-centric companies can.

Activate Your Brand Promoters

Harness the power of your brand advocates by engaging them with your company when they are at their happiest. Survey respondents classified as promoters, or customers who are posting positive reviews are an excellent source of referrals and recommendations for your company. We provide tools and methodologies to convert these customers into a volunteer sales force for your business, so they can share their positive experiences with colleagues, friends and family.

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