Experience is everything

Creating brand fans: inside and out

ResponseTek Customer Experience Management has one aim; to help your brand be the customer’s #1 choice.

We know to become the #1 choice is easier said than done. Your brand must perform consistently at or above your customers’ expectations, every day.

Our approach to Customer Experience Management is focused on helping your brand meet and exceed the expectations of customers by closing the gap between your brand promise and your brand experience. Across every channel.

In today’s world, a multitude of channels and touch-points means the stakes keep getting higher, and your CX program plate-spinning gets ever more challenging. Which is why ResponseTek cares as much about making it easy for you as it does about getting you results. After all, you have enough to think about, figuring out a complex platform shouldn’t be one of them.


We have built our business on helping clients create a customer base of fans and loyalists that drive revenue and growth. Everything we do is focused on three outcomes for our clients: Saving Customers – Growing Customers – Adding Customers

Our platform, services and DNA have been custom built to deliver ROI against each one.

Our CEM methodology has been designed to be simple, effective and scaleable across your business. It is built on a continuous cycle of Listen, Learn, Act and Engage.

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We’ve spent years doing the hard work
so that you don’t have to.

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