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Our award-winning customer experience management (CEM) software and programs are the culmination of years of dedicated work for hundreds of top-tier brands, meaning that we have the people, the knowledge and the best practices to help you attain your goals. Here are some of the industries we’ve attained serious results for:


In telecommunications, competition is fierce. Operators stop at nothing to entice customers to switch providers, but with similar devices, rate plans and network coverage, what really drives loyalty is superior service. ResponseTek is the leader in CEM for telecommunications, working with over 60 global telco clients helping them improve retention, ROI and brand reputation.

How can CEM impact the telecom industry?

  • Track the end-to-end customer journey seamlessly across key moments of truth throughout all channels — call centre, retail, 3rd party retailers, online, self-serve, field technicians, B2B and beyond
  • Have full confidence in your team of veteran client managers who have decades of experience rolling out and optimising telecom CEM programs
  • Identify the root causes of dissatisfaction and follow up with customers immediately, effectively closing the feedback loop
  • Gain real-time customer feedback by automatically delivering SMS and email surveys with up to 48% success rates, so you get valuable insights that improve service
  • Turn big data into big insights by incorporating customer data from a variety of sources including point of sale, CRM and usage statistics into our platform
  • Create a culture of transparency and accountability with tailored dashboards for every role, including frontline agents


Whether it’s retail banking, lending, or credit card services, you need to build trust with customers to retain their loyalty. Today, customer driven products, services, and responsiveness all need to be quick and personalised to deliver outstanding experience. ResponseTek helps the world’s largest financial institutions understand what customers want across organisational channels in B2B and B2C lifecycles.

With CEM for banking, you can:

  • Reduce silos by listening to customer feedback in real-time and through every channel (call centres, branches, online, and ATMs)
  • Learn to monitor the success of new financial programs and services through insightful tools specific to multi-channel feedback
  • Create organisational visibility by acting on insights and give customer feedback directly to employees for quick resolution and pinpointed internal training
  • Engage with customers in a dialogue and close the loop with satisfied and un-satisfied customers alike
  • Safeguard customers’ privacy and data through intimate knowledge of security and compliance laws


Insurance is confusing and complicated. When something goes wrong, customers rely heavily on their insurer in what is often a highly emotional and stressful situation. The impact of one mistake may be irreversible by the brand. This is why global insurance providers rely on ResponseTek to ensure every transaction they deliver is personalised, empathetic and easy for the customer.

Why does CEM matter in the insurance industry? You can:

  • Determine customer effort by listening and gathering feedback immediately following a new claim
  • Learn what’s driving satisfaction and retention rates across multiple lines of business
  • Deliver dashboards and results tailored to employees at all levels in the organisation
  • Manage the performance of brokers by acting on insights highlighting areas to improve policy knowledge, training, and resources
  • Improve upsell and cross-sell effectiveness by providing agents with capabilities to engage customers using a personalised approach
  • Maintain industry leading security of your customers’ privacy and data with ResponseTek’s proven ability to adhere to the law


Customers have more choice than ever before to generate their own power, and are growing less reliant on their utility supplier. Nowadays, utilities are under immense pressure to adapt to changing customer needs. ResponseTek is a leader in utilising real time customer feedback to improve customer retention and engagement, and adapt to changing customers’ needs.

Utility companies can utilize Customer Experience Management to:

  • Solve problems more effectively by listening to customer feedback in real-time and leverage feedback across critical moments of your customer’s journey
  • Maximise the value of your customer driven investments by learning from customer needs
  • Differentiate your business by acting on feedback to deliver superior and consistent customer experience unmatched by your competitors
  • Identify your best and worst customers to drive engaging two way conversations for optimal revenue generation, churn reduction, and program adoption

Retail and E-Commerce

Whether customers shop online, via mobile or in brick-and-mortar retail locations, they expect a consistent experience regardless of the channel they are purchasing from. ResponseTek brings global best practices to retail CEM programs, ensuring a complete view of this multifaceted customer experience. This means customers get the service and products they love, while businesses gain loyalty.

Why should you incorporate customer experience management into retail & e-commerce?

  • Drive a more consistent customer experience by measuring customer feedback across all retail channels
  • Deliver customer feedback directly to store staff with mobile notifications in real-time
  • Understand reasons for shopping basket abandonment on online and mobile channels
  • Monitor quality of service and store performance with browser surveys and secret shopper programs
  • Rescue customers who are disappointed with automatic alerts and follow-up calls
  • Stay on top of social media and review site brand buzz to keep your reputation in check

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