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The Listening Platform is designed for multi-channel customer experience management (CEM) programs. So whether you’re starting with a single channel or are rolling out an enterprise-scale CEM initiative, you’re working with an experienced team and robust software that has achieved award-winning results.

Contact Centre

Operational efficiency is paramount in contact centres. Employees want to improve first call resolution (FCR) and reduce average handling times (AHT) while maximising customer satisfaction. ResponseTek operates in 150 contact centres across the globe, both at in-house and outsourced locations, providing key agent performance metrics and operational insights that lead to service improvements for every customer who calls.

Why implement CEM into your contact centre? 

  • Improve service delivery with personalised agent scorecards
  • Measure individual rep and team performance with ranking reports
  • Identify under-performers, so management can reduce overall training costs
  • Receive immediate feedback alerts for dissatisfied customers
  • Save at-risk customers with swift service recovery processes, increasing customer retention
  • Centralise metrics in one place through integration with contact centre systems

Web and Online

Digital channels are expanding beyond website browsing and online purchasing. They now focus on self-serve channels and mobile apps — two convenient and cost-effective ways to provide on-demand service to customers. ResponseTek has helped the world’s leading brands, including one of the UK’s largest credit card issuers, monitor millions of customer interactions online so they can improve the user experience.

How can CEM enhance digital efforts?

  • Capture feedback from both website browsers and customers with pop-up surveys
  • Empower customers to leave candid feedback with multiple online listening points
  • Understand reasons for shopping basket abandonment in online and mobile channels with detailed reports
  • Centralise all metrics in one place with a customer experience dashboard
  • Answer frequently asked questions online, deflecting many calls to the contact centre
  • Improve the overall user experience with insight dashboards and reports

Retail and Branch

Retail interactions, whether face-to-face, in-store or in-branch, are driven by great customer service. Customers expect friendly, knowledgeable staff to deliver a personalised experience that’s in-tune with their needs. ResponseTek is used in over 3000 retail locations for top-ten telcos, banks, travel and retail brands, helping each company improve service through transaction-based or browser-initiated customer feedback.

CEM can impact your in-person service helping you to:

  • Engage with retail browsers and customers who complete a purchase
  • Assess the effectiveness of in-store campaigns or promotions
  • Integrate footfall, POS metrics and secret shopper insights for a holistic perspective
  • Deliver customer responses to staff immediately on their mobile device
  • Identify root causes of dissatisfaction and reasons for not purchasing
  • Compare performance of multiple locations with ranking reports

Social Media

Social media is a game-changing customer feedback channel where customers speak their mind without limits. A major platform for brand reputation communication, companies need to know exactly where conversations are happening and what’s being said. ResponseTek captures insights from the voice of your customer in this vast social media sphere, giving you the ability to act on customer concerns, while improving services.

Utilizing CEM for social media allows your business to:

  • Track your brand’s social media performance against competitors
  • Automatically collect brand mentions from social media, blog and news sources
  • Create alerts on social insights for immediate notifications on important issues
  • Collect detailed sentiment analysis on every social mention to easily discover hotspots
  • Stay informed on trending industry topics and brand mentions
  • Centralise all insights into a single dashboard for a holistic view of your customers

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