Text Analytics

Complex customers. Simple analysis.

We live in a data-driven world, and CX is no exception. Customers are complex, and trying to learn about and manage your customer experience without looking at all of your data is like trying to solve a mystery without all of the clues.

The challenge is, 95% of all customer data is unstructured data — free-form content that doesn’t fit neatly into a spreadsheet for analysis, which makes it hard to quantify.

In order to better understand and influence the customer journey, customer-centric companies need to bring structure into their un-structured data.

Find what’s hidden behind the words.

Managing the unstructured data in online surveys, reviews and customer feedback is no easy feat. Text analytics has proven to be a valuable tool for businesses today.

ResponseTek offers user-friendly & advanced AI-driven text analytics technology that makes it easy for you to analyze large volumes of open-ended responses.

We help you discover what matters most to your customers, so you can spend less time & resources reading comments and more time making meaningful decisions that impact your customers’ experience.

Standard Text Analytics.

The first step in sentiment analysis.

Mining unstructured data:

  • Real-time sentiment analysis & topic categorization on every verbatim
  • Automatic mapping of topics to survey scores to understand how mentions link to survey results
  • On-demand categorization and updates for exploration and analysis
  • Analysis from across the entire enterprise right down to individual agents
  • 2 languages available with opportunity for more

Advanced Text Analytics.

A richer level of insight.

Maximize insight from unstructured data through our enhanced capability in processing all customer comments utilizing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Easily identify and explore issues, trends, and relationships both positive and negative as they are unveiled as customers complete surveys or send in feedback through various channels.

  • Automated sentiment analysis
  • Powerful topic grouping
  • Explore topic relationships
  • Topic and sentiment trend analysis
  • Sentiment analysis at an idea level

Flexible and customizable reporting.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, sentiment topics are automatically collected into logical groups. You can group together industry synonyms, too.

Intuitive filters and drill down reporting permits exploration of relationships between topics and a deeper understanding of your customers.

All the analytical widgets created can be used in a customizable & dynamic dashboard.

Sharing insights made simple.

Built in tools make it just as easy to share your reports and insights with an unlimited audience to further explore insights, and promote collaboration.

Invite your colleagues to consult and interact with your reports, or publish a read-only report and share insights beyond your team.

Why Text analytics matters for your brand.

  • Equips your company with a rich, nuanced view of customer feedback
  • Leverages ‘deep learning’ to discover the unknown
  • Simplifies & quickens the discovery phase, identifies emerging trends
  • Delivers analytics that will make your life easier for actionable insights
  • Provides data to make your CX efforts more efficient
  • Reduced costs per analysis of unstructured feedback when compared to manual analysis

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