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Act – Empower your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Awards – Awards that we are proud of.

Blog – Visit Responseteks’ Blog page to keep updated on the latest news.

Careers –  Our goal is to take your talents to the next level while making work a great place to be.

Case Studies – See case studies in both the Financial and Telecom areas.

CEM Best Practices – Learn from industry leaders how to design great multi-channel customer experience management programs to improve customer satisfaction.

Channels – The Listening Platform is designed for multi-channel customer experience management (CEM) programs.

Community – ResponseTek is invested in the future of our local and international communities.

Company – We believe every customer has the right to be heard. We believe every employee wants to deliver a good experience.

Complaint Feedback Management -Complaint feedback management is designed for service channels, helping to identify, alert and help remedy customer complaints.

Contact Us – Simply fill out our contact form for more information about what we do and how we can help your business.

Engage – Create a two-way dialogue with EngageRT and close the loop with customers to remedy a poor experience or learn about a positive one.

Industries – We have the people, the knowledge and the best practices to help you attain your goals.

Launchpad – The difference between mediocre and exceptional CEM results, is a rapid deployment while maintaining a smart program design.

Learn – Explore reports, dashboards and scorecards, and put customer feedback at the centre of your business.

Listen – With ListenRT capture the voice of your customer on any device, in any language, at every touchpoint.

Manage – Simply manage the day-to-day execution of your VoC program with autonomy and ease with ManageRT

More Programs for Every Business Type – We know every company’s customer experience program is unique, and that’s why we have programs that are flexible to address your specific objectives.

Net Promoter Score – Measure engagement and enthusiasm with employee NPS.

Newsroom – View a collection of news items and press releases.

Overview – Our award-winning CEM software helps clients deliver exceptional experiences to customers with insights gathered from real-time customer feedback.

Partners – We partner with industry-leading market research, management consulting and technology companies.

Privacy Policy – Our policy is to collect no personally identifiable information about you when you visit our web site unless you affirmatively choose to make such information available to us.

Programs – You want to know what customers are saying about your brand. You also want a way to turn their feedback into insights that improve customer satisfaction.

Relationship Surveys – Manage your relationship surveys within the same platform as your transactional surveys for advanced analysis and a complete view of your customer experience.

Resources – Learn how closing the loop with your customers can result in amazing ROI.

Responsetek Listening Platform -Our award-winning CEM software helps clients deliver exceptional experiences to customers with insights gathered from real-time customer feedback.

Roles – To create a customer-centric culture that attains major business results with Voice of Customer (VoC) initiatives, you need to engage every member of your organisation.

Self Service Tools – Our Self Service tools combine the ease of carrying out small changes, with the safeguards and enterprise integration required for a complex, multi-channel CEM program.

Services – Balanced services best describes our approach to deliver the best of customer experience self-service stools and full service  support to our clients.

Social Insights – Social media is here to stay, and while your company may or may not use it as an official service channel, your customers are on it, posting, tweeting, and communicating every day.

Stats – Clients see an average NPS lift of 6.5 points within the first year.

Team – assionate about what we do, and the clients we work for, we are CEM innovators who have created award winning solutions  for leading brands around the globe.

Technology – Our proprietary CEM engine is the powerhouse that runs the Listening Platform.

Testimonials – We have really seen that we are able to figure out root causes much more quickly and bring them to the right teams to fix them.

Traction – Our decades of CEM experience have led us to provide the “right” amount of services for your program to achieve maximum results and de-risk your investment.

Voice of Customer (VOC) – VoC, or enterprise feedback management, captures real-time customer feedback and turns it into operational insights that help your channels and teams improve on every interaction.

Whitepapers & Webinars – Multiple Tips & Strategies including whitepapers,  and webinars.

Why Responsetek – We Are Global Experts in Customer Experience Management.

We Are Experts –  We believe every customer has the right to be heard, and every employee wants to deliver a good customer experience.

We Are Partners in Your Success – The secret to our success is simple: we accomplish our goals only when your CEM program delivers great business results.

We Deliver Results – Whether you want to start simply or roll out an enterprise-wide CEM transformation, we apply best practices from our channel, industry and global experience, guaranteeing your program’s success.





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