What you need,
when you need it

It’s all about balance.
Our balanced services deliver the perfect blend
of self service tools and full service program support.

What you need, when you need it. We take care of the complex enterprise elements of your program whilst enabling you to take control of simple changes and survey creation. We work with you as your partner on your CX journey; providing you with program health checks, best practices and benchmarks, program management and support and even design workshops.

Our Balanced Services approach has helped our clients achieve great results:


Exceptional CEM: fast deployment whilst maintaining smart program design.

We work closely with clients to implement a rapid, custom-built CEM program that sets you up for success.


We design your CEM program based on vertical and geographical best practice and learn from the hundreds of programs we have already implemented.

Hands-on Advice & Guidance
Scoping Workshops
CEM and Industry-specific Best Practice Playbooks
Online Survey Design Tool for quick Iteration
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) target & goal setting


We create enterprise-wide programs that go live within weeks not months.

Dedicated Program Delivery team
Industry-specific configurations that embed best practices
Ability to tailor configuration for your unique business needs
Rapid Deployment Process (RDP) for launch in 4 to 8 weeks


We integrate your CEM program through industrial strength and bullet-proof tools that ensure you can focus on generating results.

Integration team that plumbs backend with CRM data, Organizational Hierarchy, and Transactional Data
Automated processes/methodologies for Data Exchange
End to End Quality Assurance Testing


Exceptional CEM: maximum results with minimal effort.

Decades of CEM experience has led us to understand what the “right” amount of services are for your program to achieve maximum results and de-risk your investment.

We provide hands-on help and support for your program’s daily management to ensure it has a strong operational foundation, whatever the level of program maturity.


Day to Day Program Management Support & Guidance
Operational Program Meetings
24X7 End User & IT Support
Systems Management Support
DataExchange Monitoring


Program Health Checks
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Status Monitoring
Program Audit & Improvement Planning
Text Analytics Tuning
Program Steering Meetings
Solution Enhancement Recommendations


CX Insights Report
Global CEM & Industry Benchmarking
CX Consulting and 360o Program Health Assessment
Best Practice knowledge sharing

Self service tools

Programme execution made simple, putting control in your hands..

Simply manage the day-to-day execution of your VoC program with autonomy and ease.

Our self-serve tools enable agility and flexibility for surveys to increase the pace of data collection and execute simple changes and repetitive tasks. They combine the ease of carrying out small changes, with the safeguards and enterprise integration required for a complex, multi-channel CEM program.

Giving control back to your Customer Experience Program Managers by allowing visibility, and lowering the costs of simple administrative changes like change requests.

Increase the speed of survey edits and deployments, while our imbedded brand protection and sampling rules monitor any changes you make.

No more need for over-complication; quickly and easily listen to your customers whenever you want.

We’ve spent years doing the hard work
so that you don’t have to.

But don’t just let us talk at you, it’s time we got into a relationship of our own.