The Listening Platform

Our award-winning CEM software helps clients deliver exceptional experiences to customers with insights gathered from real-time customer feedback. Cloud-based and configurable to your business needs, it delivers world-class Voice of Customer programs at scale with 5 core modules: Listen, Learn, Act, Engage and Manage.

Collect Customer Feedback

With ListenRT, capture the voice of your customer on any device, in any language, at every touchpoint. As experts at highly personalised transactional surveys, we give customers the power to express opinions in quick and efficient formats, resulting in survey response rates that can reach up to 48%. We also enable additional listening via text analytics, sentiment analysis and social media so you can build a complete view of the customer experience across the organisation.


Reporting & Insight

Make data driven decisions across the organisation with LearnRT. Identify where brand loyalty is gained or lost with powerful analysis and reporting tools, transforming feedback into insights. Explore reports, dashboards and scorecards, and put customer feedback at the centre of your business. Access trends and macro reports at the line of business or division level, or drill right down to the customer or employee level to review individual feedback. No matter what you want to discover, you’ll have real-time knowledge at your fingertips.

Business Transformation to Drive ROI

Empower your employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences. ActRT delivers performance management tools to understand how their services impact delivery of the brand promise, and integrated action management to help them consistently exceed customer expectations. With direct access to feedback and insights from customers, the frontline becomes more engaged, and team leads gain immediate opportunities for training and coaching based on the Voice of the Customer.

Customer Engagement

Create a two-way customer dialogue with EngageRT and close the loop with customers to remedy a poor experience or learn about a positive one. Triggered alerts and actions ensure no customer follow-up will be forgotten or missed. This highly personalised approach enables targeted marketing promotions and offers to reward your loyal customer or save ones at-risk.

Program Admin Tools

Simply manage the day-to-day execution of your VoC program with autonomy and ease with ManageRT. Our self-serve tools enable agility and flexibility for surveys to increase the pace of data collection and to increase the pace of executing simple changes and repetitive tasks.

Our proprietary CEM engine is the powerhouse that runs the Listening Platform. TechnologyRT is the secret to unlocking business value for our clients, it has over 16 years of CEM expertise embedded into its algorithms, business logic and industry best practices. Its design lets you transform big data into manageable insights that your company can easily act upon. Additionally, as a cloud-based CEM platform, it configures with your business needs seamlessly, with no hardware requirements.  Feature upgrades are rolled out automatically every quarter too, so your teams can focus on what really matters — improving the customer experience.