ResponseTek & IBM

The ResponseTek IBM partnership is an integration between ResponseTek’s Listening Platform, and IBM’s Universal Behaviour Exchange (UBX). This partnership provides a powerful gateway for Marketing professionals to access dynamic customer segmentation data in real-time to drive compelling, transactional marketing campaigns via IBM Engage/IBM Marketing Cloud.

We bring the world of customer experience and marketing automation together seamlessly to drive customer loyalty, retention, and engagement with your best marketers, your brand advocates.


Dynamic Distribution Lists

You can access customer segmentation data including NPS scores, Overall CSAT score, etc. in real-time, directly within the IBM Engage marketing automation tool. Validating your distribution lists just got easier, we eliminate repetitive and time consuming data mining tasks associated with validating static email marketing lists.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Using transactional real-time customer feedback,
Marketing Managers can send personalised and in context marketing campaigns targeted to the right person at the right time.

2-Way Dialogue with your Detractors & Promoters

Engage with your brand advocates, identify and communicate directly with your biggest at risk customers. Use ResponseTek’s customer experience triggers to drive targeted messaging and reinforce positive experiences based on feedback, improve service recovery and your retention, and drive additional revenue streams with upsell offers.

Use Real-Time Market Segmentation to Help Grow Your Business

The software integration between ResponseTek’s
Listening Platform and the IBM Engage tool facilitates faster segmentation of your customers. Segmentation by Promoter, Detractor, and Neutrals allow for more focused messages directed towards the correct market segment.

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