To create a customer-centric culture that attains major business results with Voice of Customer (VoC) initiatives, you need to engage every member of your organisation. Our Listening Platform delivers role-specific functionality and reporting for all levels of the business, so every individual has access to the right customer experience metrics and follow-up actions.


Employees on the frontline, whether in-store, in-branch or in the field, need to know what customers think of their service. It's important for them to know if they're doing a good job, and to track their progress against numbers that drive compensation. The Listening Platform comes with a full suite of tools to monitor, measure and improve performance, so they can follow-up with customers and improve their service.

With ResponseTek:

  • Give frontline employees real-time customer feedback on their performance so they know where to improve
  • Provide direct access to detailed scores and customer comments for in-depth knowledge of service
  • Give in-field employees access to on-the-go feedback and alerts via their mobile device
  • Deliver personalised scorecards for accurate analysis of service results and overall customer experience delivery

Contact Centre Agent

In contact centres, the pace is fast, the pressure constant and customer expectations high. Agents need to improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and reduce average handle times (AHT) constantly. To get your in-house or outsourced contact centre teams performing to their peak potential, arm them with agent performance metrics that improve the quality and output of their service.

With ResponseTek:

  • Give agents personalised scorecards that identify specific areas for improvement, or areas of strength
  • Provide agents with access to ranking reports so they can see how their performance measures up against other reps
  • Give access to improved first call resolution and reduced average handling time metrics for targeted goal setting
  • Receive immediate customer feedback alerts for at-risk customers, prompting timely and effective customer recovery


For effective employee oversight, Managers need accurate customer feedback and consistent data volumes for all teams. This lets them coach and train the frontline with specific customer examples. Our platform gives managers tools for adjudication to ensure accurate CSAT metrics are attributed to employees. This allows for bonuses when goals are hit, and coaching opportunities when results fall short.

With ResponseTek:

  • Receive team scorecards and ranking reports to compare performance of different groups
  • Get access to KPI targeted tracking to see how teams are trending against important goals
  • Use adjudication processes and tools to manage variable compensation based on KPIs
  • Get access to insights on opportunities for employee coaching and performance development or improvement
  • Receive immediate escalations and notifications for opportunities to recover at-risk customers right away


Business demands are changing. Research departments need more data, delivered faster with actionable outcomes. ResponseTek provides market research teams with the tools to progress their systems, so they can implement agile approaches that integrate transactional insights from VoC initiatives. This supports end-to-end business goals, rapid process improvements and enhanced customer recovery enablement.

With ResponseTek:

  • Get advanced reporting and export options for deep-dive analysis of the customer experience
  • Use cross-channel collaborative approaches to issue resolution and operational improvements
  • Dive into multi-channel transactional survey results for real-time insights
  • Use platform tools to extract key insights from customer feedback programs quickly and easily

CEM Professional

CEM professionals are the central resource for driving program buy-in, cross-functional initiatives and the prioritisation of business improvements. To deliver on these responsibilities, they need flexible, on-demand customer experience reports and tools to track follow-up actions that drive overall success. ResponseTek's platform gives them the keys to make sure they become the customer experience champions within their organisations.

With ResponseTek:

  • Gain a single, holistic view of the customer experience across all channels and business units
  • Use root cause analysis to uncover problem areas and enable process improvements and initiatives
  • Receive 24/7 technical support from an ongoing dedicated client management team committed to program success
  • Leverage program administration tools for easy management and oversight of the platform and CEM program


Executives have important business measurements on their mind. In particular, they want to to see how they're delivering on their brand promise. ResponseTek gives them the power to access this information with high-level trends, aggregate scores, regional rankings and overall relationship tracking. By tapping into the Voice of the Customer, they can prioritise operational changes that improve business.

With ResponseTek:

  • Monitor overall brand satisfaction or NPS measurements – across all channels, regions and brands
  • Use executive dashboards to identify key company performance metrics
  • Use benchmarking tools to gauge brand performance against the competition
  • Receive quick and efficient mobile reports to stay on top of business performance when on the go


Today's customers want to be heard. Reach out through personalised surveys that are easy to respond to, so they know their opinions are valued and appreciated. ResponseTek's platform allows you to engage the customer on every level, whether it's through surveys, or through forums where they can leave feedback unprovoked. Moreover, act on feedback to effectively close the loop and ensure satisfactory outcomes.


With ResponseTek:

  • Deliver personalised and contextual surveys at the right time for increased response rates
  • Apply mobile-friendly and SMS feedback mechanisms for customer convenience and ease of access
  • Create always-open listening points so customers can provide feedback on their own time and terms
  • Use safeguards against over-sampling and opt-out preferences to ensure satisfaction and loyalty

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