ResponseTek from humble beginnings to great achievements

ResponseTek’s executive team is a select group of fearless leaders who consistently break boundaries and exceed expectations while fostering collaboration. They also have bulletproof backgrounds in software, technology, business and consulting, making them a powerhouse of knowledge and experience for the company.

Passionate about what we do, and the clients we work for, we are CEM innovators who have created award-winning solutions for leading brands around the globe. More importantly, we’ve cultivated long-lasting client relationships with real value. Outspoken, open-minded and always searching for better ideas, we continue to make ResponseTek a global success story that clients love.

Meet our executive team

Syed Hasan
CEO & Chief Experience Officer
“I love that we help customers receive a better customer experience, while helping companies recognise the employees who consistently delight customers the most.”

Experience & Accolades
As the CEO and founder of ResponseTek, Syed spearheads innovative solutions to make customer experience better for enterprises around the world. The company’s award-winning programs and services are fostered by his in-depth industry knowledge and passion for better CEM advancements. A former e-commerce and corporate strategy consultant, he’s created cutting-edge strategies for many Fortune 500 companies, in addition to Cambridge Technology Partners and Reid Crowther. He is also an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, a Business in Vancouver Top 40 under 40 nominee and Silicon Valley North Magazine’s “Next CEO.”

Norman Wong
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
“I have the greatest job in the company. I get to deal with customers and work with all of the functional groups, from managers and clients to accounting.”

Experience & Accolades
Norm drives revenue growth, contracting and legal process for ResponseTek, and previously served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer for over 8 years. With over 15 years of experience in the financial field, he also was the CFO of Xilix Technology Corp. and InflaZyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and held various financial positions for Mobile Data Solutions Inc.

Gord Elder
Vice President, Product & Technology “I love bridging the gap between market problems and leveraging technology to find and deliver novel solutions to our great customers.”

Experience & Accolades
A co-founder of ResponseTek, Gord defines and manages product marketing and pricing, and all aspects of product delivery. He is also instrumental in creating the company’s client solution implementations and managing its software development projects. Prior to ResponseTek, Gord was a project and client manager for the industrial design group at Earth Tech, one of North America’s largest engineering services firms.

Chris Randall
Chief Customer Officer
“I started out passionate about the small team of individuals who were committed to quality, working hard and having fun along the way. As we’ve expanded globally, I’m excited to build a team that carries the same passion to an international client base.”

Experience & Accolades
Chris Randall is responsible for the Customer Experience Vision and Thought Leadership at ResponseTek. He has personally led and consulted on best practice Customer Experience Programs spanning 5 continents across numerous industries. Chris is the architect of ResponseTek’s Customer Experience Blueprint© and an active speaker on Customer Experience. An instrumental influence in the company since 2001, he’s developed its business planning, marketing, sales and service model.

What He Loves
“Being a father of three and having a background in sports means I coach a lot. I also continue to play sports, albeit with a rapidly declining skill set. With what little free time left, I spend it with the family enjoying the local mountains and am attempting my luck at writing a children’s book.”

Life Heroes
“My parents and siblings. And my wife, of course.”

Peter Oxley
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
“It is so fun and satisfying to capture the company’s passion and essence, and make it live in our marketing messages. We bottle up the magic and value that we deliver for our clients.”

Experience & Accolades
Peter is responsible for the overall sales and marketing strategy that drives awareness and growth from ResponseTek’s global leadership position in customer experience management. He has helped dozens of Fortune-class companies in telecom, financial services, hospitality, retail, travel and packaged goods implement changes that harness the maximum lifetime value from their customer relationships. He began his career with Bain & Company and, more recently, co-founded and served as CEO of RewardStream, an award-winning loyalty & referral marketing solution deployed in over 39 countries. What He Loves

“I have a great wife and 2 very active boys that are involved in lots of sports. Tired boys = boys that stay out of trouble. I also love to paddleboard, surf and cycle. Additionally, I volunteer with an organization that mentors entrepreneurs.”

Life Heroes
“David from David versus Goliath. He stands for innovative thinking and never giving up — tackling the insurmountable challenges.”

Nicole Ratiu
Director, Talent & Culture
“I love the variety in my job, working with people from different departments and geographies, finding out what makes them click and how to align them with our business success.”

Experience & Accolades
Nicole works in collaboration with her teams in Vancouver and Chandigarh to support our employees worldwide. She provides strategic leadership aimed at assisting RT in achieving its objectives, and align our talent with our strategy, by implementing program and practices that emphasize a high performance culture, continuous improvement and key employee retention and development.

Prior to starting her corporate career, Nicole played competitive tennis, including playing for Div 1 NCAA CSULB and competing on the ITF and WTA tour. As an HR professional, she has worked in various industries, including tourism with go2HR, consulting with Accenture and Tomorrow’s Workplace and medical devices with LivaNova (Sorin Group).

What She Loves
“Travelling & spending time outdoors. From Iceland to Patagonia and everything in between I can never get enough of meeting new people, taking in the amazing scenery and experiencing different cultures. I also love exploring BC, our amazing backyard, while hiking, biking, trail running and climbing.”

Life Heroes
“While I admire a lot of great personalities, my inspiration comes from everyday people and friends I meet along the way and their amazing stories of resilience, compassion and positivity. Great things happen by a series of small things brought together, and those people remind me that regardless of the circumstances, our attitude will help us make the best out of any situation, and the small things we do every day lead to greatness.”

Amudha Santhanakrishnan
General Manager – ResponseTek India
“I have an exciting job, at ResponseTek India, actively working to bridge the gap with other ResponseTek branches. I love the fact that I get to see and motivate my team professionally to deliver their best on time. There is a human side to it as well – I am a people person and this role gives me exactly what I need.”

Experience & Accolades
Amudha worked in quality assurance for several multinational companies in India before she moved to Canada. She first worked as Quality Assurance & Testing Lead in ResponseTek’s Vancouver headquarters. After returning to India she started the ResponseTek India operations as a small experiment with as few as 10 employees in Mohali. She enjoyed watching it grow from that to it’s present size and strives to improve it further. Currently ResponseTek’s India office works in Development, QA, Support, Config HR, IT, Systems, etc.

What She Loves
“Watching my daughter and son learn is like writing an O/S in an empty hard-drive. Except it is a drive with a lot of flavour and enjoyable quirks that can rewrite many things on its own.”

Life Heroes
“My Parents, Brother and my Husband for motivating and supporting me through my journey.”

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