Pioneers in
Customer Experience Management

Since 2001

The inspiration for ResponseTek and our award-winning customer experience management platform began in 1999, when our founder Syed Hasan, wanted to show his gratitude to an airline employee who gave him outstanding service. Syed tried to pass his positive feedback on to the airline company, but quickly realised there wasn’t a formal way for him to do this. That’s when, on his flight back home, a vision sparked in his mind. He saw a technology solution that would give customers a quick and easy way to share their feedback with businesses, bridging the gap between a company’s brand promise and the actual experience delivered by employees.

From humble beginnings in Vancouver, to an international success story, ResponseTek is now one of North America’s fastest-growing tech companies (ranked by Deloitte) — boasting clients in over 60 countries around the world. Throughout our rapid growth, we have always remained true to our founding vision and have attracted clients who share this same customer-centricity.

We believe every customer has the right to be heard. We believe every employee wants to deliver a good experience. We believe our software and services help businesses create exceptional experiences for customers.

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Moving Innovation into the Future

CEM has moved beyond asking customers for feedback — it’s about having a two-way dialogue. We give companies the power to answer the vital question, “Did my customers have a good experience today?” By capturing feedback, taking the learnings and acting on insight, they can recognise what changes impact the customer the most. This makes the future of customer experience success simple:
Good companies listen to customers, but great companies act on what they hear.

We’ve spent years doing the hard work
so that you don’t have to.

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