The ResponseTek Listening Platform™ The Most Advanced CEM Solution

The ResponseTek Listening Platform™


The ResponseTek Listening Platform™ is your end-to-end customer experience management solution. Scaling to meet the needs of your enterprise, the Listening Platform delivers transactional customer experience insights that are actionable and linked to specific customers and employees. This equips companies to take the action required to save at-risk customers and improve overall customer experience.

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Multi-Channel Insights


ResponseTek identifies how well your company’s products and services are being received by customers through establishing listening points across customer touchpoints. This allows companies to collect rich insights in a form that is both convenient for customers and cost effective for companies.

ResponseTek specialises in matching the type of survey to the interaction channel, ensuring an intuitive way for customers to leave feedback while maximising response rates. When it comes to SMS surveys, ResponseTek is the industry leader with successful programs running around the world and response rates up to 45%.

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Multi-Channel Collection

Collection Methods

ResponseTek provides a wide range of survey and feedback collection methods to optimise customer engagement for any company.

  • SMS

    SMS surveys provide powerful customer insights for your business. Our SMS survey platform provides instant, personalised messaging that is highly engaging for respondents. Clients receive up to 45% response rates and 98% of responses within 24 hours.

  • Email

    ResponseTek has a fully automated and personalised email invitation capability. Extensive sample management rules ensure high quality responses, regardless of sample size. With response rates up to 25%, email invitation surveys offer a reliable method to engage with customers.

  • Online

    Capture open-ended or targeted data from website visitors at key points online. Whether you want to obtain feedback from random visitors, or from specific transactions or customer segments, ResponseTek provides a range of online engagement options and interfaces to ensure a deep understanding of online customer experiences.

  • Social Listening

    Monitor brand buzz and competition across social networks. ResponseTek identifies and analyses relevant data from social media and other web sources to provide a complete picture of customer opinion about your brand.

  • QR

    QR codes are proven to help a wide demographic of customers easily access online content from their mobile devices. ResponseTek provides QR code triggered surveys that encourage retail browsers or customers to provide feedback while the experience is still fresh in their minds.

  • NFC

    As mobile technology continues to accelerate, so do the opportunities to engage your customers in quick, contextual surveys. ResponseTek uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to provide easy, low cost access to surveys for customers in your retail channel.

  • IVR Surveys

    Automated outbound phone-based surveys capture detailed customer feedback when other communication channels, such as email and SMS, aren’t available. Utilising keypad responses and voice messaging, IVR surveys can provide a rich stream of data for your business.

  • CATI Surveys

    Live agent phone-based programs can provide deep insight for your customer feedback program.

  • Employee Listening

    By gathering employee feedback alongside customer perspectives, companies obtain an even richer understanding of what is happening on their frontlines. Employee Listening Points can deliver feedback to executives directly from employees via their mobile devices or computers.

  • Multi-Channel Language Support

    The Listening Platform supports collection of customer feedback in any language.

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Enterprise Survey Management Tools

  • Device-Specific Survey Optimization

    Intelligent design automatically detects the device type and optimises survey display to maximise user experience and response rates.

  • Invitation Automation

    Survey invitations are fully automated following a transaction, so either real-time or batch-based invitations can be delivered. Our technology is designed to handle any volume and frequency of data feeds.

  • Advanced Sample & Survey Rules

    ResponseTek ensures that you can take care of customer preferences, data quality, response rates and survey fatigue concerns with powerful sample management tools. This includes ‘do not call’ and stop lists, as well as preventing multiple survey invitations being sent within a given time frame and controlling survey expiry rules.

  • Quota Management

    Employees can only improve at the rate at which their performance is measured, and to do this requires a process that measures them fairly. Our platform manages minimum and maximum responses per employee to provide consistent operational metrics for performance and compensation evaluations.

  • Personalization Rules

    Customers expect more than a robotic, impersonal survey. ResponseTek provides integration to tailor surveys based on individual customer information and history, improving respondent experience and response rates.

    To create a personalised conversational tone, our SMS surveys phrase questions differently depending on how the respondent answered the prior question.

  • Question Sampling

    Short, targeted surveys are proven to improve response rates. To balance this with the need to gather a wide range of data for SMS collection, groups of questions can be rotated into individual surveys, providing a variety of data without over-surveying customers.

  • Self-Service Ad-Hoc Surveys

    The self-service tool makes it easy to author, test and deploy online surveys in minutes.

Role-Based Reporting


ResponseTek ensures the right information is sent to the right people at the right time. With sophisticated hierarchy management, different levels of your organisation are provided with the reports that are relevant to them. Personalised dashboards and scorecards deliver C-level executives with a high-level strategic overview, while frontline staff have access to the granular interaction details required for performance coaching and compensation management.

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  • Role-based Dashboards

    Every employee with access to the Listening Platform has on-demand access to real-time dashboards that are customised to both the scope of data and metrics relevant to their role.

  • Operational Scorecards

    ResponseTek provides individual and team-based rankings, trend analytics, metric comparisons and other reports and scorecards as the feedback comes in, all displayed in user-friendly reports.

  • Push Reports

    Reports can be automatically distributed to preset roles or hierarchy levels to improve awareness of frontline service delivery. This also enables an optional alerting system to notify the appropriate individuals of at-risk customers as soon as the information is received.

  • Dynamic Organisational Hierarchy Management

    Accurate team metrics will always be delivered as employee movement, growth and restructuring are automatically managed and updated within reporting.

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Targets

    Track performance and targets within ResponseTek. KPI-specific targets are tracked visually with scorecards and dashboards for staff to see how they are performing.

  • Powerful Account Security Rules

    ResponseTek provides an extensive range of account security rules, including data access, report tailoring and workflow rules for individuals and roles. Program managers have the confidence they need to connect every employee with relevant and appropriate customer insights to drive improvements, while still adhering to internal and external privacy and security regulations.

  • Systems Integration

    To provide rich reporting, analytics and workflow, the Listening Platform integrates customer details seamlessly with a variety of third party enterprise systems including CRM, workforce management and other business process applications.

Frontline Mobile Reporting


ResponseTek Mobile

Anytime, anywhere, remain on top of your customers’ experiences with the award winning mobile app for the Listening Platform. It connects customer insights with the device employees always have on hand, their phone. Now it is possible for retail employees to check results from the shop floor and for regional managers travelling between stores to always be up to date with the latest customer feedback.

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ResponseTek Mobile Features

  • Customer Feed

    Up to the minute customer feedback results and notifications are delivered to employees the same way as news or social media, ensuring that frontline managers have a direct connection with customer experience as it happens.

  • Smart Boxes

    Key personalized metrics are easily monitored in real-time in the app’s dashboard. Your workforce can now have access to their VoC metrics anytime, anywhere.

  • Pulse Monitor

    Know how individual customers are doing with survey response details, customer history and interaction details.

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Advanced Analytics


Empower customer experience, market research and operational teams to extract key insights from customer feedback programs quickly and easily to drive necessary changes for improvement. With sophisticated analytics, structured and unstructured customer feedback is instantly accessible throughout the business.

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  • Text Analytics

    ResponseTek’s proprietary text analytics features are designed specifically for large-scale voice of customer programs. They are included as a core feature of the Listening Platform, making it easy to uncover insights hidden in customer feedback.

  • Sentiment Scoring

    Our algorithms automatically identify positive or negative sentiment for every comment or web mention. Top positive and negative keyword and phrase instances are highlighted providing a convenient way to drill deeper into these verbatims and identify common themes and trends.

  • Topic-Based Insights

    Topic analytics capabilities identify how key subjects impact customer satisfaction, advocacy and other key metrics. Analyse topics by business area, customer segment, time or a wide range of other factors to truly understand what customers are saying and how it affects their experiences.

  • Top Up or Bottom Down NPS

    For NPS-focused programs, ResponseTek automatically calculates and distributes NPS scores across all levels of your organisation, from top-level aggregates down to operational measures.

  • Cross Channel Analysis

    The ResponseTek Listening Platform makes it easy for multi-channel programs to compare lines of businesses across the company quickly and easily.

  • Flexible Scoring Models

    No matter how your organisation measures customer experience, ResponseTek can support it with features such as KPI weightings, customisable score scales and respondent weightings.

Action & Workflow


ResponseTek’s intelligent alerting capabilities make it easy to stay on top of the most pressing priorities.

Whether it’s assigning actions or responding directly to customers, processes are made efficient with the Listening Platform. Workflows ensure frontline staff and managers can be made accountable for the resolution of customer experience issues, allowing senior management to concentrate on performance and productivity.

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  • At-Risk Customer Alerts

    Automatically identify at-risk customers based on rules you define. Control where alerts are routed and what follow-up actions are needed to create systematic, continuous improvements in your business.

  • Customisable Workflows

    Design your customer follow-up and internal improvement structures to suit your culture and priorities with a flexible framework. Customisable workflows can manage customer complaints and follow-ups, targeted employee training programs as well as employee recognition programs.

  • Action Tracking

    Each individual has a personalised dashboard to quickly access and manage their assigned actions. Managers can track their team’s progress making it easy to drive improvements across the organisation.

  • Overdue Action Reminders

    When tasks have not been completed on time, the staff member responsible is automatically reminded with an email, including optional notifications to managers.

  • Service Recovery

    Through customisable workflow, ResponseTek enables service staff to respond to time sensitive customer issues by notifying them of survey responses with certain scores and trigger keywords. This closed loop feedback process allows direct responses to customers. To help them do this, ResponseTek has built in response templates with direct editing and authoring capabilities.

  • Self-Service Knowledge Base

    For more advanced programs, our integrated Knowledge Base solution provides a robust database of FAQs. Service staff can search this directly and contribute answers to customer questions and concerns. Learn more >>

  • Compensation Appeals

    For programs that link results to employee compensation, a critical success factor is allowing employees to create appeals for surveys they believe are erroneous or unfairly attributed to them. With ResponseTek, robust review and approval processes ensure a fair compensation system.

Click here for steps on how to implement a closed loop feedback approach >>

Social Media Listening


Tap into all forms of media to track and manage your brand effectively, as well as monitor brand mentions, competitors and industry hot topics. With text analytics, information from these unstructured sources, including social media, blogs, editorials and reviews, are summarised and scored to maximise customer insights.

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  • Automatic Collection

    The web is automatically scraped and analysed to collect mentions from social sources including Twitter, blogs and news sources.

  • Sentiment Scoring

    With real-time text analytics, automatically analyse every mention for sentiment to easily discover hotspots.

  • Brand Mentions

    Monitor brands and products to see what customers and media are talking about most to identify key issues and trends.

  • Competitor Tracking

    Remain on top of your competitor’s reputation and popularity in the marketplace with automatic comparison and ranking results.

  • Industry Hot Topics

    Pick up on trending topics to see how needs and expectations may be changing in your industry.

Self-Service Knowledge Base


As the only CEM platform with an integrated knowledge base, ResponseTek’s self-service tool delivers a centralized FAQ database to better serve customers and support employees. Designed to be easily populated and updated by employees, this library of answers to common questions is a great resource for timely and relevant information.

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  • Designed for Self-Service

    To improve customer experience and reduce service costs, this dynamic portal allows users and customers to quickly find answers to their questions without the need to contact customer service personnel.

  • Tailored to Your Brand

    Seamlessly integrate the knowledge base portal into your website by applying your style and branding requirements to the interface. Customers will perceive the tool as a native part of your website.

  • Web Services for Easy Integration

    In addition to an easy-to-use self serve portal, we also provide a set of web services for our clients to query the knowledge base and return content quickly, securely and easily from any website, mobile app or internal application.

  • Powerful Content Publishing Workflow

    Flexible workflow rules fit any company’s needs for creating, reviewing and publishing knowledge base content to customers and employees. Any number of review and approval steps can be assigned, administrator’s can be notified of pending items for review and all changes and approvals are tracked and reported right in the secure online administration portal.

  • Real-time Quality and Improvement Analytics

    Administrators have on-demand access to a suite of dashboards, reports and analytics, which provide information into the use and quality of the knowledge base content. This allows administrators to optimise content based on customer demands and monitor these trends over time.

  • Integrated Promotional Messages

    Help guide customers to take action by presenting them with contextual promotional or services messages based on the content they are searching for or viewing.

  • Internal & External Knowledge Sharing

    Centralised resource for customer queries or employee troubleshooting resources and training.

Real-Time Data Integration


Utilise big data by seamlessly incorporating information from a variety of sources, including CRM and POS systems, with your customer insights. Scalable and reliable, integration of business process applications with the Listening Platform delivers a comprehensive view of the customer.

This deeper collection of information allows executives to see a holistic picture of their customers and assist multiple departments and roles identify areas for improvement.

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  • CRM Systems

    Incorporate customer history to identify previous customer pain points and interests, making service and sales opportunities smoother.

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    Learn faster with transactional feedback tightly integrated with the intelligence your company is already processing.

  • Workforce Management (WFM)

    Blend customer feedback with workforce management tools to give a balanced view of employee performance.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Accurately forecast future demand of products and services with customer feedback.

  • POS Systems

    Combine purchase and service history with feedback to better frame and understand the customer experience.

  • Self-Service Knowledge Base

    Connect with a custom Knowledge Base to provide employees and customers efficient access to customer experience questions and answers.

Program Management & Support


ResponseTek’s implementation methodology is a detailed guide for planning and design, configuration and successful deployment of your CEM solution. Prior to launch, your customer experience team will be properly trained and ready to master your program. Designated client managers are available for changes and questions through any stage of the program. Support for end users is 24/7, so no matter what time zone your business operates in, help is always available.

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  • Dedicated Team

    Our team is 100% focused on customer experience, ensuring your satisfaction with our platform. We assign dedicated personnel to work directly with you to maximise the success of your program.

  • Industry Experts

    Industry leadership and years of experience developing and deploying best practice CEM programs is the crux of ResponseTek’s team. We will assist with survey and feedback methodology design, response rate optimisation, integration services and many other areas that will ensure your program launches smoothly and successfully.

  • Program Migration

    ResponseTek experts have extensive experience in seamlessly migrating VoC or survey programs onto the Listening Platform from a variety of systems.

  • Customised Training

    With a train-the-trainer approach, webinars and user manuals, our clients have confidence rolling out the Listening Platform.

  • 24/7 Support

    Regardless of time zone, user support is available around the clock.

Custom Reporting


Optional strategic services are available for further guidance on program development, goal setting, customer journey mapping and reporting.

For a more advanced analysis of customer data, a series of custom reports can be created by ResponseTek’s team of expert analysts. In addition to monthly, quarterly and annual reports, ad-hoc reports can focus on specific topics, events and timeframes to further analyse and understand the relationship with customer satisfaction.

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Monthly Tracking Report

Succinct and data-rich, this report features straightforward tracking and trending of even your most complex customer data and trends.

Quarterly Insight Report

This deep-dive analysis focuses on mapping key events and milestones to customer experiences and highlights areas for improvement.

Annual Strategic Report

Maximise your program’s ROI with an in-depth program audit and key driver modelling in the ultimate report card for your customer experience strategy.

Data Security & Privacy


Built to exceed world-class security measures, there has never been a leak, incursion or security breach of client data from our hosting facilities. Your customer data is in safe hands, and with 99.99% service uptime, you’ll never experience traffic surges or data outages.

Secure Data Servers
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  • Top Security Accreditation

    Our hosting facilities are CICA 5970 and SAS 70 Type II compliant to ensure peace of mind that your customer and company data is secure. Our clients include some of the most security conscious companies in the banking and financial services industry world-wide.

  • Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

    We run multiple, redundant systems to protect client data and prevent data loss.

  • Role-Based Data Security

    A flexible architecture allows you to determine exactly which types of data the different levels of your staff will have access to within ResponseTek.

  • Location Based Restrictions

    If you are worried about staff accessing customer insight information from outside your network, ResponseTek can restrict access by IP address to prevent unauthorised access to customer information.

  • Secure Data Transfer & Integration

    We provide strict and secure transfer of customer data through systems integration standards.

Back-End Technology


The ResponseTek Listening Platform is powered by advanced technologies that make it unique and extremely powerful based on SOA and n-tier architecture methodologies and built using a .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server. Developed completely in-house by our incredible team of engineers, innovation and evolution of the platform are controlled by ResponseTek and not restricted by third party technologies. Operating as a SaaS model, set up is easy and simple for clients, with no technology or hardware requirements and automatic product updates.

Advanced Back-End Technology
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  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Global access, no hardware costs or setup and no capital expenditures – you only pay for what you use.

  • Quarterly Updates

    Keeping Innovation at the forefront means quarterly product updates are delivered automatically.

  • Proprietary IP

    The Listening Platform is built by our own talented team, which gives us complete control to develop, deliver and evolve with innovative releases.

  • Single Code Base

    All clients share one code base and feature set, which means that every new innovation is available for all clients.

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